Workforce Pro

Epsom Printers

EPSON Workforce Pro WF-8590 R 3907pm

Including 7800 FREE print per month
48 Months, 0% escalation excl VAT
free print value R4 062pm R65c per colour print





Terms and Conditions

ACCEPTANCE – I/we do hereby accept this proposal and understand the monthly rental obligations. I also understand that the 300 000 copies are allocated at 7800 prints per month and that should the prints exceed 7813 prints per month I will be charged 65 cents per print, the unused prints do not carry over to the next month, should I/we exceed the ratio of 30 % colour prints and 70 % black prints I/we will be billed 9c for black and 65c for colour prints, the print coverage is calculated at 5 % should prints exceed 5 % the client will be billed pro data for the increase, this bundle includes 14 callouts over the period for preventative maintenance and 1 installation only. All callouts not linked to installations and preventative maintenance such as used training will charged at R750 per callout.

TRADE REFERENCES AND CREDIT BUREAU CONSENT – I/we do hereby consent to you and/or your cessionary/ies making enquiries to our credit records and trade references with any credit reference agent or agency or any third party to confirm the details provided and confirm that this consent shall apply in every respect to all directors, shareholders, members and/or associates of the applicant. As signatory to this application I/we do hereby indemnify you or your cessionary/ies against any claim that may be made against you or your cessionary/ies by any director, shareholder, member and/or associated of the applicant by virtue of this consent.

FINANCIAL INTELLIGENCE CENTER ACT (FICA) – all accountable institutions are required to identify their clients as required by the financial intelligence center, act no. 380 of 2001. I/we therefore consent to you carrying out identity and fraud checks and sharing information relating to this application through the South African fraud prevention services.

CERTIFICATE – I/we certify that to the best of my/our knowledge and belief the information I/we have given above is correct and I/we are not aware of any matter/s or circumstances which I/we have not disclosed to you in writing which may influence your decision. I/we certify that there are no writs, summons, judgments, petitions, winding up orders or pending applications for liquidation or threatened against the application or its directors, shareholders, members and/or associates.


The new Epson WorkForce Pro® practically eliminates all your traditional frustrations in business printing like wasted time, needless expense, lost productivity and a negative environmental impact.

Instead your businesses can profit from doing more with a wireless, secure, high quality 4 in 1 business machine that delivers what you need when you need it – with ZERO print cost.

Now with 7800 free prints per month.