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PABX Solutions

As an authorised sales agent of multiple PABX brands (Hosted and traditional on site) including Samsung Telecommunications equipment, Interlink Business Solutions will advise and build custom made solutions for your business requirements. Interlink Business Solutions is a Market Leader in the South African Telecommunications environment with 11 years of experience. Interlink Business Solutions is supported by research and development sectors that is one of the highest funded in the industry and ensures that all Telecommunications equipment is state-of-the-art and at the forefront of technology.

Whilst we wish to drive out the benefits and cost reductions associated with our telecommunications and office automation solutions, we accept that most businesses already have a heavy investment in network & telephony equipment. Interlink therefore utilizes an analysis and migration strategy that leverages this investment and therefore enables each business to make progress towards converged and traditional solutions at the most cost effective rate.

Contact us to have a representative visit your business for a free assessment of your requirements and possible reductions in your Telecommunication costs.

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